MetLife saves $360,000 a year with GE Lighting Solutions

MetLife, a leading global provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs serving 90 million customers, recently took out an energy savings policy with GE Lighting.

The company upgraded to the Evolve™ LED outdoor lighting in parking lots at ten office locations and a more energy-efficient T8 fluorescent indoor lighting at its 650,000-square-foot administrative center in St. Louis, reports GE Lighting Solutions.

“When we first talked about the lighting, GE had just come out with a new LED outdoor fixture. We were introduced to GE’s lighting technology team and decided to have them perform a test for us. We installed several fixtures at one of our Pennsylvania properties and were very impressed with the improved visibility in the lot. That’s when we made a multi-site upgrade part of our critical plan for the coming year,” said John Chambers, assistant V.P. of facility services and sustainability for MetLife.

GE’s Evolve LED outdoor fixtures significantly improved energy efficiency and visibility in parking lots. As a result, MetLife anticipates a project payback of less than five years.

MetLife replaced the high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide parking lot lights with GE’s Evolve LED Area Lights at eight administrative facilities and two data centers in several states including New Jersey, Ohio and Rhode Island.

“We think we’re on the cutting edge of this technology and among the first Fortune 500 companies to commit to LED lighting in its lots. MetLife has taken big steps to meet its environmental goals this past year with help from GE and its lighting solutions,” Mr. Chambers added.

Thanks to GE’s Evolve LED Area Lights MetLife’s will reduce electricity use by approximately 1.1 million kWh a year, which is a total of $164,000 annual savings.

MetLife had previously replaced about 25% of its old HPS and metal halide area lights each year, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Now, the company has guaranteed much less maintenance.

Further, nearly 13,000 of GE’s F28 T8 indoor linear fluorescent lamps were installed at the St. Louis office. The new LFL design utilizes more than 8,000 GE UltraStart® Programmed Start (PS) ballasts and a handful of UltraStart dimming ballasts, which provide a ‘soft start’ that can significantly extend lamp life as opposed to standard instant start ballasts. They also provide greater energy-savings potential when used in a lighting design that incorporates occupancy sensors, daylight harvesters or other automated light controls.

All in all, MetLife will save approximately $360,000 a year, while consuming about 3.5 million fewer kWh of electricity annually.

Total project payback will be achieved in less than five years for MetLife’s new LED-lit parking lots and in a little more than two years in the St. Louis office.

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