Lunera Lighting introduces the Susan Lamp

The Susan Lamp by Lunera Lighting, a leader in lighting innovations, is the first true Plug-and-Play LED replacement for metal halide lamps in the industry.

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Susan Lamp
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According to the press release by Lunera Lighting, the high-lumen LED Susan Lamp is the latest addition to the company’s leading-edge BallastLED lamp product portfolio.

“Our customers have made it very clear; when it comes to LED lighting, they are looking for products that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own.  Lunera’s engineering team has delivered a remarkable innovation with the Susan Lamp.  The elegance of its design makes converting to LED as easy as changing a light bulb,” said Tom Quinn, Lunera Vice President of sales and marketing.

“With our plug-and play approach, we offer the lowest installed cost-per-watt saved of any LED high bay solution available in the market today,” he added.

The Susan Lamp is a high-quality and energy-efficient LED light that is the perfect replacement for 400, 250 and 175-watt metal halide lamps, reducing energy consumption up to 90%. With a 50, 000 hour life-rating, the lamp eliminates at least four lamp replacement cycles and delivers consistent light levels at a fraction of the power used by a metal halide lamp.

“Two Susan Lamp options are available for each wattage level in the product family.  The Susan Lamp Pro is a high-lumen LED lamp, which improves upon the existing light levels while reducing energy consumption by 60 to 70 percent.  The Susan Lamp Junior maintains existing light levels but extends the energy savings to 70 to 90 percent,” it says in the press release by Lunera Lighting.

As part of a community of progressive companies that challenge convention and transform industries, Silicon Valley-based Lunera Lighting is dedicated to developing innovative technology.

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