Meet Philips’ Site & Area Solar Solutions

Philips’ Site and Area Solar Solution provides high-quality, sun-powered illumination by combining top class LED luminaries with the power of solar technology.

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According to the news release by Philips, the Solar Solution is extremely efficient in harvesting, storing and converting solar energy into high quality illumination and is perfect for projects promoting a “green image”, off-grid applications or any locations where power is unavailable.

Thanks to its incredible storing and converting capabilities, the Philips Site and Area Solar Solution is able to efficiently harvest power from the sun and store it to provide high quality illumination at night. It is also compatible with Philips Gardco PureForm, EcoForm, Gullwing LED, AeroScape, and Philips Stonco ELA luminaires for options ranging from architectural to general purpose.

The Philips Site and Area Solar Solution is available in multiple lighting profiles to make sure the system will stay powered on, even after enduring up to five dark days. Its built-in solar controls provide safety features such as thermal protection, deep discharge protection, and surge protection, while the system is also equipped with intelligent controls that allow for dimming and motion sensing.

The Philips Site and Area Solar Solution is an easy to install, self-sufficient, autonomous and grid-independent system, which delivers quick return on investment by slashing the electricity bill. The system requires no additional power or existing electrical infrastructure and meets requirements for most utility rebates and energy incentives. In addition, it causes minimal site disruptions during installation, which saves time and money.

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