LED Light Tiles by Design LED Products Ltd open the doors for a new generation of lighting products

Global leader in the field of LED light-guide technology, Design LED Products Ltd is the creator of the unique LED Light Tile – an extremely thin, flexible and highly efficient lighting product.

Image credit: www.designledproducts.com
Image credit: www.designledproducts.com

Some of the key features of the LED Light Tiles include: 90% optical efficiency; integrated optical system; variable beam angle profiles; scalable brightness – 50 to 10,000 cd/m2; single, or configurable double sided light output; low power consumption; custom LED chain design options; colour temperature range, from warm to cool white (2,700K – 7,000K); spatial dimming capability; power consumption, 25 W – 100 W/m2; mechanically formable; standard light tile size 300 x 300mm; customised sizes to 1000mm x 600mm; multiple light tiles can be seamlessly joined together for larger area illumination; deployment and installation; no Heat sink required; no acrylic, no material yellowing or colour degradation and so on.

“At the core of Design LED’s technology is the integration of low profile Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), clear optical resins and optical films into a high efficiency light tile. International Patents are granted covering this intellectual property,” it says in the product overview.

The LED Light Tiles appeal to a whole range of markets. Design LED Products Ltd works with a wide variety of people from lighting design engineers, lighting manufacturers, architects and lighting specifiers.

“Our patented LED Light Tiles will radically enhance products in every lighting application, professional and consumer. The possibilities are endless,” the creators say.

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