Taiwanese Lighting Manufacturers Present at Istanbul Lighting Exhibits

According to a press release by PennEnergy, The Green Trade Project under Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs will return to Istanbul to attend the third exhibition of the 2014 Green Light campaign.

Photo Credit: GTPO Website
Photo Credit: GTPO Website

They will lead their delegates to partake in the LED lighting exhibits on September 25-28 at the Istanbul Expo Centre.

This year’s delegates include big companies in the lighting and technology industry like TYC Brother Industrial, Hergy Lighting Technology, Genesis Photonics, Billion Electric and Gaintronics.

Taiwanese companies will showcase a great variety of LED lighting displays at the ‘Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion’ including 2013 winner of Taiwan Green Classics award and iF Product award “BE Light” from QisDesign, which features a hinge which allows table lights to be folded flat when not in use. Everlight Electronics will also showcase the award winning LED bulb ans the dimmable Wing-Fun desk lamp.

“Increasing efficiency has been one of the goals listed in Turkey’s energy policies for the past decade. LED lighting products, with their energy-saving, versatile-for-design features, are ideal solutions to accommodate the policy trend and market demand. Taiwanese companies have years of expertise in LED manufacturing, and the industry is now capable of creating a wide selection of products ranging from LED components to completed light fixtures. We believe visitors will easily find the most suitable products for them among the various product lines,” said Li-Yen Ma, Division Chief of the Integrated Marketing Division at the Green Trade Project Office.


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