Larson Electronics releases new 30 foot telescoping mast light

The new 30 foot telescoping mast by Larson Electronics is mounted on a 14’single axle trailer on wheels. The light’s rotating boom allows for 360° rotation, while quick deployment of lights, security cameras and other equipment to elevations of thirty feet is now a breeze.

Image credit: PR Web / Larson Electronics
Image credit: PR Web / Larson Electronics

According to the press release on the PR Web, the LM-30-3S-EW-TLR features a square steel tubing tower with a lower section 12’ in length and 4” by 4” by 1/8” thick, middle section 9.5’ in length and 3” by 3” by 1/8” thick, and an upper section 8.5’ in length and 2” by 2” by 1/8” thick.

The light has a removable mast head for storing mounted equipment when not in use and the mast is elevated  “using an included 1,000 pound rated electric winch with 3/16” galvanised steel cable and extended to its full height using a second 1,000 pound electric winch.”

“As a manufacturer, Larson Electronics can custom tailor these light tower units to customer specifications with longer sections and larger mounting plates. These trailer mounted masts are a great source for temporary lighting applications as well as for construction sites and security camera deployments,” said Rob Bresnahan with

The light’s trailer has a proprietary mast guidance system, which provides increased stability during high winds.

“When lowered to 13.5’, the mast can withstand winds up to 125 miles per hour. This light tower assembly weighs approximately 1,200 lbs. and can easily support and lift 150 pounds of weight,” it says in the press release.

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