Impeltronics unveils new LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight for optimal visibility

Impeltronics, a wholesale manufacturer of high quality high lumen LED flashlights, has introduced its LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight with magnetic ends on each side, which makes it the perfect tool for retrieving magnetic items lost in low-lit areas.

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Just like a telescope, the flashlight can also stretch to nearly two feet, allowing users to light up places where a regular flashlight might not be able to.

According to the press release on the PR Web, Impeltronics’ LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight features a flexible LED 360-degree directional rotation which allows for optimal visibility, and is offered in black, silver, red, blue and pink.

Manufactured by a company with vast experience in supplying high lumen flashlights for police, military, hunting, camping, tactical use, recreation and boating, the LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight provides a bright solution for functionality by offering longer battery life, reliability and durability due to its aluminium frame.

The flashlight also has a stainless steel clip, as well as batteries to get the device working on first use. Perfect for keeping in a tool box or putting in the back of a car or truck, the flashlight is also energy efficient and easily moved from one place to another.

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