SmartCharge – the world’s first LED light bulb immune to power outage

SmartCharge is an intelligent LED light bulb that you can turn on or off from the same wall switch even during a power outage. 

Image credit: kickstarter
Image credit: kickstarter

According to the project overview featured on Kickstarter, the SmartCharge needs no extra wiring, does not have or need a control box, remote control or any expensive electrical installation.

The lamp still operates from the wall switch when the power is out.

The heart of the invention is the patent pending Grid & Switch Sensor technology which is capable of distinguishing between a power loss due to opening of the line switch and loss of power as a result of a grid failure when the line switch is either open or close.

What makes the lamp smart and efficient is the fact that it contains battery, control technology, intelligence, CPU, memory, inverter and a printed circuit board.

Grid & Switch Sensor technology consists of three blocks:

–          Intelligent control circuit with grid sense and switch sense;

–          Battery and battery charging circuit;

–          Inverter along with few other elements.

If the switch was ON when the power went out, then the SmartCharge™ Bulb will remain ON. If the switch was OFF, the SmartCharge™ Bulb will remain OFF.

The switch still has control of the light bulb during the power outage.  Once power is restored, the bulb’s battery recharges itself to make sure you’re ready for another power outage or emergency.

The SmartCharge™ Bulb cuts electricity usage by up to 90% and reduces the impact on the environment. It also lasts for 40,000 hours.

The current version of the SmartCharge™ Bulb is limited to one bulb and one switch control.  The ideal applications are table lamp, floor lamp, or overhead single bulb fixtures.

With the SmartCharge™ you’ll never have to worry about power outage ever again.

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