Selecta Klemm selects Valoya’s wide spectrum LEDs for new tissue culture production facility

Leading floriculture company Selecta Slemm GmbH has installed Valoya wide spectrum LED-luminaries in their newly constructed facility in Stuttgart, Germany.

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As reported by Hortidaily, Valoya wide spectrum LED lights offer a maintenance free and energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescence or red/blue LED lights.

Unlike traditional LED lights, where the spectrum is composed of LEDs with various colours, Valoya uses proprietary LED technology to incorporate their spectra in a single chip.

The Valoya L-series offers high intensity and high spectral accuracy throughout its lifetime which is up to four times longer than commonly used T8 LED tubes.

In addition, it offers best possible uniformity which is critical in low proximity installations.

“The investment cost was clearly higher when compared to traditional fluorescent or LED tubes, but long life-expectancy and extensive energy savings is a big advantage. The colour of the light is also very good for working as it allows quality control whenever needed without changing the lighting condition,” says Robert Boehm, Head of Biotechnology.

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