Dartmouth College upgrades lighting with Digital Lumens no-maintenance LEDs

Dartmouth College has upgraded the lighting in its newly renovated Leverone Field House to the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System.

Image credit: Digital Lumens webpage
Image credit: Digital Lumens webpage

According to the press release, the new lighting systems offers high efficiency, requires no maintenance, delivers excellent, evenly distributed light and generates massive energy savings.

“Due to Leverone’s high arching roof, 60-foot ceiling, and more than two acres of interior space, lighting the field house has always been a complex task, traditionally requiring over-lighting and constant re-lamping due to lamp source degradation,” said Sam Zucker, Lead Project Manager for the Leverone Field House retrofit.

“Not so with the Digital Lumens system. Without the ramp-up times or hesitations we experienced with the metal halide fixtures, we can now instantly turn on, off or dim lighting to suit our needs, completely changing how we use lighting within our facility. The athletes, coaches, event managers and finance staff all appreciate the change, and the maintenance team couldn’t be happier — no re-lamping or re-ballasting required!”

The Digital Lumens solution will reduce electrical consumption in Leverone by approximately 9.6 MWH and the carbon footprint by 13.2 million pounds over the twenty-year lifetime of the installation.

“In designing a solution for a complex space like Dartmouth’s Leverone Field House, we had to deliver a system that could provide a flexible set of lighting requirements that meet the diverse needs of the facility’s users and events while still maximising energy efficiency,”   said Jay Boucher, Principal for The Leading Edge Design Group.

“With the LightRules lighting management software, the wireless networking, and the integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors in each fixture, the Intelligent Lighting System proved to be the best solution to meet our client’s unique needs.”

“For decades, sports facilities have been wrestling with a whole host of lighting challenges — from light quality and illumination levels to maintenance and high energy costs — that are completely solvable with intelligent LEDs,” said Michael Feinstein, Digital Lumens Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“With its deployment of the Digital Lumens system, Dartmouth is joining the growing ranks of leading sporting facilities transitioning to these highly efficient solutions that optimise lighting delivery and savings, while getting the flexibility to support its changing lighting needs.”

For more information, please visit www.digitallumens.com.

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