Over 1,000 Illumitex Eclipse horticultural lights installed at FarmedHere Vertical Farm in Bedford Park, Illinois

In order to meet the growing demands for quality, locally grown organic produce, innovative urban grower FarmedHere has been expanding its operations and investing in its facilities where it produces economically viable baby greens, herbs and tomatoes.

Image credit: Illumitex website
Image credit: Illumitex website

Most recently, the company contracted a team of nearly two dozen engineers, plant scientists and urban farmers to install over 1,000 Illumitex Eclipse horticultural lights at its massive 6-level aquaponic system in Bedford Park, Illinois.

By incorporating the patented horticulture LED lighting technology provided by Illumitex, the company has entered into a new advanced field of plant produce production.

“There is a balance with Illumitex which is hard to find in other places. The additional cost of LEDs is offset by significant energy savings and increase in plant mass. Illumitex provided FarmedHere with a solution that began with extensive R & D and ended with turnkey installation of more than 1,000 lighting modules over the aquaponic grow beds,” said Paul Hardej, Chief Technology Officer at FarmedHere in a press release.

“Working with FarmedHere to optimise this ground-breaking vertical farm has been a textbook lesson in collaboration and productivity. We look forward to deepening our partnership over years to come,” said Paul Gray, Illumitex VP of Horticulture Lighting Solutions and Senior Horticulture Scientist.

Illumitex manufacturers energy-efficient LED grow lights for greenhouses, hydroponics and research.

For more information about the company, visit their website at www.illumitex.com

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