VOLT® Lighting introduces Solar LED Security Flood Lighting

The new Solar LED Security Flood Lights by VOLT® Lighting are comprised of a main fixture/sensor assembly and a separate solar panel and are the best cost-effective solution for security lighting needs.

Image credit: PR Wire

VOLT® Lighting is a leading manufacturer of low-cost, high-performance indoor and outdoor lighting products. This series enriches the company’s extensive portfolio.

“We anticipate two primary uses, replacement of existing outdoor incandescent floodlights and addition of new lighting locations – especially in areas remote from power sources. The products are easy to install and provide added measures of security while providing significant energy cost savings,” said Heather Weston, VOLT® Product Manager in a news release.

“Replacing existing incandescent security flood lights with solar lighting makes sense because older lights consume hundreds of watts while solar lights have zero energy cost. Also, the ability to add security lighting to remote areas improves overall security and is a great way to leverage the new solar panel technology.”

Since there is no need for an external power source, these lights are perfect for remote areas and for owners of larger properties. Also, the solar panel can be mounted up to 15 feet from the fixture/sensor unit, so users can find the best possible location to install the lights in places where there is no electricity.

Another great feature of these lights is motion detection. Users can set the detector’s sensitivity so as to avoid unwanted light activation from moving plants and small animals.

To browse through the other features and benefits of these lights, please go to  VOLT® Solar LED Security Flood Lights.

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