A new look and feel at the offices of Ingersoll Rand with GE Lighting

Ingersoll Rand has installed GE’s Lumination™ LED Lighting Fixtures at its North American Headquarters in Davidson, N.C.

Image credit: GE Lighting
Image credit: GE Lighting

The renovation included the installation of energy-efficient lighting, a building automation system (BAS) with energy-saving control strategies, and ENERGY STAR® equipment and appliances.

“Ingersoll Rand is committed to making a more efficient use of resources a widely held value that becomes a central part of how its employees live and work every day; it is going beyond compliance, or simply ‘following the rule,’” said Gretchen Digby, director of global education and engagement for Ingersoll Rand’s Centre for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability. “Ingersoll Rand wants to help its employees find ways to integrate the ideals and apply them to everything we do.”

GE’s Lumination™ ET Series recessed troffers provide energy-efficient ambient lighting to common areas, offices, shared work spaces and hallways.

The Lumination BL Series LED Luminaires—eye-catching with their long, narrow bands of light that are seamlessly integrated within the ceiling for a clean, contemporary look – were installed in the large conference rooms. The LED lighting further enhances energy efficiency by incorporating automatic controls.

According to the official press release by GE Lighting, the LED lighting has reduced light power density, or watts per square foot, by more than 36 percent over the ASHRAE baseline.

“As LED lighting produces less heat than traditional light sources, the AC load can be reduced by 0.32 watts with every watt saved in a lighting system. Providing additional energy reduction for Building D, the new lighting has lessened HVAC cooling loads and improved HVAC efficiency by an additional 3 percent. The HVAC system itself upgrades the BAS and includes controls for temperature settings and fan pressure optimisation,” reads the press release.

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