Kim Lighting launches first fully customisable light distribution outdoor LED luminaires

One of the largest lighting fixture manufacturers in North America, Hubbell Lighting, has announced the launch of the ArcheType X™ series by Kim Lighting.

Kim Lighting
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According to the official news release, the family includes flood, wall or site/area luminaires with independently adjustable LED emitters.

Available in three versatile sizes, the ArcheType X™ comes in lumen packages ranging from 10,500 to 30,000.

Further, the ArcheType X™ includes the brand’s new LEAR™ (Light Engine Adjustable Ready) module.

The ArcheType X™ Wall family has been designed to allow either focused up or classic down distribution performance in addition to customisable options.

The ArcheType X™ Wall family allows designers to freely redistribute light as needed to create directional pathways, or to highlight egress direction, architectural details or signage.

The ArcheType X™ Flood family comes in three sizes (3×3–54 LEDs; 4×4–96 LEDs; 5×5–150 LEDs) and three colour temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 5000K).

The ArcheType X™ site/area family delivers vertical illuminance without obtrusive glare or wasteful spill light allowing designers to highlight traffic lanes and minimise boundary lighting trespass without the need for external louvers or shields.

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If you are currently at LIGHTFAIR, you can see the new products at Hubbell Lighting’s booth (#721).

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