Six Senses launched the ultimate light bulb enabling the best night’s sleep

The market is flooded with energy efficient lighting solutions people can choose from. And while potential customers always seek to get the best value for their money, many are unaware of the potentially hazardous wavelengths of light that are being emitted by the light bulbs.

 Nap Room at Six Senses Spa at Pacific City Club Image credit:
Nap Room at Six Senses Spa at Pacific City Club
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LED lighting has proven to be the best energy efficient light source out there, with the longest lifespan among its peers.

On top of that, scientists have now succeeded in eliminating the dangerous wavelengths of light and have created a light source that will not only provide the best value for money, but will also enhance the comfort of its users.

Six Senses has always promoted the use of healthy, environment-friendly and efficient lighting and has become the world leader in implementing this unique technology that is designed to remove any potential health hazard that may occur.

According to an article featured on Hoteliers, Lighting Science®, one of the leading LED manufacturers in the world, has developed a new biologically-corrected Definity Digital Good Nightlighting solution that works with the body’s natural melatonin through a proprietary technology that emits less “blue” light than other light sources, which makes for a better night’s sleep and comfort.

Originally developed for NASA and the International Space Station, the Good Nightlight bulb is used to enable astronauts to naturally manage their circadian rhythms and avoid the use of chemical agents.

Lighting Science has also developed a companion light called the Definity Digital Awake & Alertlight bulb, based on similar patented technology. This bulb is designed for everyday use and increases the body’s natural alertness. Moreover, the bulb is effective in alleviating the symptoms of Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) and Delayed Sleep Phase Order (DSPD).

Six Senses is the pioneer among the spa and hospitality companies when it comes to the use of this innovative lighting technology. The company has already begun to install the Awake & Alert bulbs in all of its gyms and exercise rooms, while the Six Senses Spa at the Pacific City Club in Bangkok is the official launch setting of Definitely Digital Good Nightlight and Awake & Alert light. Visitors in the nap room will be able to feel the benefits of this revolutionary technology within fifteen minutes.

Guests and hosts in Six Senses will also be able to enjoy the benefits offered by the technology, as the new bulbs are also installed in offices and host areas in all Six Senses resorts and spas.

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