Tasmanian furniture designer makes amazing tree stump lamps

Tasmanian furniture designer Duncan Meerding is a true master. He transforms ordinary tree stumps into breathtaking lamps for outdoor or indoor use.

Image credit: http://duncanmeerding.bigcartel.com/product/stump-table-stool-light
Image credit: http://duncanmeerding.bigcartel.com/product/stump-table-stool-light

The tree stump lamps are water resistant and shed shards of light from the LED strip lights installed in the carvings.

The so called Log Lights or Stumps are 400mm high and 300mm wide and can also serve as tables.

“Stumps are often used as a table or stool when in the outdoors. This design has taken the idea of dispersion of light through cracks in timber and turned it into a multipurpose object which can be used as a table, stool or to illuminate an area with shards of light. These shards come from warm white LED strip lights fitted into the lamp in a custom fixture,” Meerding explains.

All of the stumps used to create the Stumps are salvaged timber.

“Directly inspired by the natural environment, the warm yellow light represents the fiery fate the timber would have otherwise have been exposed to,” says Meerding.

The Stumps can be wired to 12 Volt DC power supplies and come with key whole brackets so users can fix the light to the ground if they choose to use them as outdoor lights.

Meerding is also currently working on a new rechargeable battery version of the lights.

His design won the Best Sustainable Design Award at The Edge 2014.

For more detailed info or to get your own Stump, please go to http://duncanmeerding.bigcartel.com/product/stump-table-stool-light

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