Aussie Avargadi uses 3D printing to create unique and environmentally sustainable table lamps

Founders Chung and Chamera of Melbourne-based Avargadi turned to 3D printing to create artful, beautiful, eco-friendly lamps that require less energy to manufacture and to illuminate.

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Their amazing collection consists of 10 lamps (12-18cm in diameter and 24cm tall) with botanical-inspired names, such as “Bluebell,” “Lily,” “Rose,” and “Magnolia”.

All of the lamps in the collection are 3D printed in PLA (polylactic acid), filament that is biodegradable and made with fermented organic material like corn.  Aside from making these lamps super sustainable, this unique material also gives each lamp a distinctive textured finish.

“Using three dimensional printing technology, Avargadi frees industrial designers from the shackles of conventional manufacturing techniques and bestow the freedom to explore previously impossible forms. Avargadi designs challenge the convention and enable a rethink of the purpose of light in the modern home. All Avargadi designs have passed rigorous tests ensuring they look as good unlit as they do lit in your home. Extensive testing of the properties of the material and design ensure your home is lit warmly,” the designers state.

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Every lamp is 100% Australian made and comes with a long life 5.5W LED globe from Mirabella with an easy to fit E27 screw fitting.

What’s most inspiring about this design is that the attention to detail extends even to the look and feel of the cord. Instead of a classical, dull-looking, black or white cord, these lamps come with a beautiful fabric power cord with a distinctive black and white chevron pattern.

Avargadi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to increase production of their lamps.

The lamps retail for $99 AUD, but Avargadi is offering special deals to customers who will donate $50 AUD or more.

For more detailed info or to buy your own Avargadi lamp, please go to

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