Luzi is a fabulous smart lamp that will make you sleep better (VIDEO)

Launched on Indiegogo, Luzi is an innovative lamp that promotes better sleep through patented technology.

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It uses voice command technology; it has a Bluetooth speaker, an alarm clock and comes equipped with the Luzi Sleep System.

The Luzi Sleep System uses a combination of LED light to assist natural production of melatonin and low frequency sound to soothe users to sleep. The patented sleep technology combines sound and light to encourage the human brain to shift into the metabolic maintenance modes associated with healthy sleep.

Luzi also comes with adjustable colour and soft white light settings with ample light to illuminate a room or for use as a reading light; 4 integrated USB ports to charge all personal devices; a wireless charging base to charge all the latest devices without plugging in, including an Apple Watch; a personalised clock face; the ability to use fitness/sleep bands with Luzi, including Fitbit, and so on.

“Luzi is the most advanced smart lamp ever made,” said Joel Burke, cofounder and CEO of Luzi.

“Studies have found a direct correlation between the quality of one’s sleep with various health problems. Our expectation is that Luzi will help to remedy these issues and promote better sleep habits.”

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