Cree and Epistar ink worldwide patent agreement for LED chips

Lighting leader Cree has announced that it has signed a worldwide patent cross-license agreement for LED chips with Epistar Corporation.

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In a statement, the company said the agreement is intended to boost the growth of the LED lighting and LED bulb markets.

“Cree’s pioneering technology and resulting broad patent portfolio has significantly advanced performance in LED and LED Lighting products. Cree is pleased to enter into this LED chip license agreement with Epistar, a leading chip innovator and manufacturer of LEDs used by packagers and lighting companies. This agreement underscores both companies’ commitment to accelerating the adoption of LED lighting while respecting the value and importance of international intellectual property laws,” said Chuck Swoboda, Cree Chairman and CEO.

“The patent license agreement we have achieved will help us to accelerate the R&D activities for creating new innovation. In addition, it is a clear indication of the strength of our LED chip patent portfolio and our desire to further the growth of the LED lighting market. By entering into this cross-license agreement with Cree, Epistar is able to provide LED chips that ultimately benefit our customers across the world,” stated BJ Lee, Chairman of Epistar.

The company did not disclose any further details regarding the license agreement.

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