Fotodiox Pro unveils five new bi-colour models of FlapJack LED Edgelight series

The five newest models of bi-colour FlapJack LED Edgelights by Fotodiox Pro produce a soft, flattering glow and are ideal for filling in shadows, illuminating portraits and lighting run-and-gun video shoots.

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“The world of imaging is in constant flux, and it’s our goal to continually improve our ideas,” said Bohuš Blahut, filmmaker and marketing director for Fotodiox.

“We’re particularly proud of the design of the FlapJack LED Edgelights, and when our customers told us they wanted these in bi-colour, we listened. We also heard our customers’ desire for a soft light that is powerful enough for studio applications but is still ultra-portable, so we’ve taken the extra step of creating the FlapJack Studio. Now with nine different models of FlapJack, photographers and filmmakers have access to the most versatile and portable photo and video lighting tools in the industry today.”

The new models of bi-colour FlapJack LED Edgelights are made of aluminium and have a fully adjustable colour temperature between 3200K and 5500K.

All of the lights are portable, lightweight and are ready for use right out of the box with a fitted case and full set of power and mounting accessories.

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