RAL 9000 is a robotic LED desk lamp (VIDEO)

Remember Pixar’s cute desk lamp that jumps around the company’s logo? Well, something very similar just became reality and we can’t wait for it to hit the market.

Image credit: http://anodos.co.jp
Image credit: http://anodos.co.jp

The Anodos RAL 9000 is a robotic desk lamp that has built in sensors and cameras which allow it to detect movement, so every time a person sits at the desk or gets up and leave, it automatically switches on and off.

The robotic desk lamp also has a LED display, that serves as its face, as well as a motorised arm.

The lamp was developed by Japan-based Anodos. As far as pricing and availability is concerned, the company hasn’t revealed any detailed information.

This is just another example of how robotics is slowly becoming a crucial part of our daily lives.

Check out the RAL 9000 in action in the video below.

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