Philips’ LED WarmGlow is the next-gen dimmable bulb

Lighting leader Philips has unveiled a new dimmable LED bulb that dims down in a similar way to daylight by changing colour.


According to the company’s news release, the LED WarmGlow saves up to 85% energy and will last for 15 years.

“We understand the impact that the right light can have in the home. A subtle change in tone can completely transform an atmosphere or enhance a mood,” says Maikel Klomp, Global Product Manager LED Lamps.

“With Philips LED WarmGlow, we are offering a high quality LED light bulb that provides beautiful ambient lighting for every room in the home, but crucially also delivers the right return in terms of energy efficiency and lifespan.”

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The high-quality bulb can be retrofitted to anywhere traditional light bulbs are used and will become available in Europe from September 2015.

“Try Philips LEDspot WarmGlow MV in the kitchen or bathroom, Philips LEDbulb WarmGlow Clear in the bedroom or living room and Philips LEDcandle WarmGlow Clear in dining room chandeliers for a stunning diffused light effect. Philips LED WarmGlow range enhances your home in more ways than one. Having the right light to meet the needs of your home is important, but having light that also lowers your energy bills and reduces the frequency of replacement is just as important,” reads the news release.

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