Positively Human launches Kickstarter campaign for battery-free safety light powered by motion (VIDEO)

The so-called Million Mile Light by start-up Positively Human is an ultra-bright, battery-free safety light for runners that’s powered by motion and can burn up to 100,000 hours.

Image credit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/millionmilelight/million-mile-light-motion-powered-safety-light-for
Image credit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/millionmilelight/million-mile-light-motion-powered-safety-light-for

The Million Mile Light needs no battery replacement, as it has a small kinetic engine that powers four bright 30 lumen LEDs that emit through lens that concentrates light enabling the runner to be seen from up to 200m away.

The light weighs only 36 g, is completely waterproof and comes with a 5 year warranty. The kinetic battery relies on neodymium rare earth magnets, which shouldn’t be worn by pregnant people or with a pacemaker. It should also be kept 15cm away from any other electronic devices, including watches and fitness monitors.

“We’ve taken the time to get the design right, to conduct extensive trials with all types of runners and iron out any potential problems. We’ve built and tested over 100 prototypes and we’ve also engaged heavily with our production-manufacturing partner throughout the development process. So this is not a concept product, it’s truly manufacturing ready and we are ready to push the button on our production moulds right now,” it says on the Kickstarter page.


Thanks to its smart design, the LED light simply clips on to a runner’s waistband, bicep, wrist or ankle straps.

Click here to check out the product and support the campaign.

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