The Loft Light is a battery powered, pull string LED bulb (VIDEO)

The new Loft Light by Loft Leg Ltd is a LED light specifically designed to illuminate a loft.

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With the Loft Light, there is no need for electrical wiring, as the pull string LED light is battery powered.

“The Loft Light is a low cost, easy to fit solution for illuminating the loft space instantly,” said Gareth Storey, director of Loft Leg.

The light is equipped with state of the art LED technology along with advanced optics to ensure the battery life is maximised (up to 4 years) and the light is spread evenly around the loft.

“Most LED products are very directional, so we did a lot of work on the lens design to overcome this,” said Matthew Driver, director of Loft Leg.

Image credit: PR Web
Image credit: PR Web

“The result is a unique, ultra-bright pull string light, equivalent to a 32 Watt bulb that can be installed in seconds.”

The new Loft Light comes with screws, a removable back plate to help with battery changes, a reflective strip to increase visibility, and a 2m pull string for easy operation.

Installation is a breeze as the light only needs to be screwed in to any wooden element in the loft.

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