Acuity Brands unveils brand new Open family of lens-free LED luminaires

Peerless from Acuity Brands has announced the availability of a new family of LED luminaires: the Peerless Open.

Image credit: Acuity Brands website
Image credit: Acuity Brands website

This new family of fixtures comprises of lens-free LED luminaires intended for offices and educational and healthcare facilities.

“By eliminating connection seams, Peerless Open has solved the technological riddle that had previously prevented seamless, continuous linear lighting. The result is uniform, glare-free illumination without the leaks, seams and dust incumbent with linear lenses,” Acuity said in a media release.

The new lights come in suspended and surface mount versions; the recessed version is set to be released this fall.

“With Peerless Open, we have converged the art and science of commercial light to create ‘illumination that inspires’,” said Kai Jaffe, Product Manager, Acuity Brands Lighting.

“This innovative, energy-efficient LED luminaire combines the aesthetic appeal of uninterrupted continuous linear lighting with customisable uplight/downlight flexibility. The result is soft, eye-friendly illumination in a complete family of luminaires giving specifiers the ability to design a space with a single aesthetic while having the flexibility needed for modern, multi-use spaces.”

Thanks to the patented optical design, the Peerless Open luminaires use constructive occlusion to reflect and diffuse LED light up and across the inner arch and back down, minimising glare and eliminating the need for a lens.

The luminaires can be integrated with Acuity’s  nLight® technology to create a powerful networked system that can incorporate motion sensors, daylight sensors, manual dimming, occupancy detection and/or time-based strategies.

“Additionally, the eldoLED® driver provides natural, smooth and flicker-free dimming-to-dark capability, setting a new standard in architectural dimming,” Acuity said.

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