How to light your home for a haunting Halloween with the help of Philips

Lighting leader Philips has collaborated with John W. Rutland, the cinematographer of the upcoming supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension to demonstrate how to use lights to turn your home into a horror place just by using lights.


In the video below, Rutland demonstrates how the scary effects on the big screen can be brought to life at home with Philips Hue connected lighting system.

“Cinematographers use every shade, colour and intensity of light to create the nightmarish scenes fans know and love,” Rutland says.

“With Philips Hue there are more than 16 million colour options and a variety of third-party apps that enable people at home to easily transform a serene and inviting space into a tension-filled, bone-chilling setting for Halloween, with just the swipe of a finger.”

Image credit: Philips
Image credit: Philips

The Philips Hue connected ecosystem consists of the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, portable lamps such as Philips Hue Go, dual-lighted lamps such as Philips Hue Beyond, control devices such as Philips Hue tap and Apple Watch as well as bulbs and spotlights.

“Philips Hue engages your senses by delivering limitless possibilities for any moment in the home,” said Leonardo Avezzano, Product Marketing Director of Philips Hue.

“We get excited when we see people get creative with Philips Hue connected lights and Halloween is the perfect occasion for people to really let go and create their own unique, chilling atmospheres – giving trick-or-treaters an added scare for the holiday.”

Check out the video and start planning your haunting Halloween with Philips Hue!


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