GE presents C-Life and C-Sleep – smart connected LED bulbs for any time of the day

GE Lighting has introduced an interesting pair of LED bulbs – the C-Life and the C-Sleep.

Image credit: GE

What makes these LED bulbs interesting is the fact that the C-Life is intended for rooms that are used only during daylight hours, while the C-Sleep is the perfect bulb for your bedroom.

C-Life offers optimal light at every moment during the day, while C-Sleep adjusts its shades depending on the time of day, emitting blue light in the morning, orange at midday and yellow during the night.

Both of the bulbs can be controlled via Bluetooth and don’t require any additional connections, equipment or hubs.

Image credit: GE
Image credit: GE

“GE wants to simplify the customer experience for smart home technology—both through how customers use the smart bulbs and how they learn about it at,” said Linda Boff, GE’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a news release.

“Simple-to-use lighting can be your first experiment in the smart home. We chose Bluetooth® as the platform—a technology many users already know and trust—combined with GE’s quality of light that consumers trust.”

The new GE LED bulbs are expected to last 20 years and provide significant energy savings.

Both smart LED bulbs will become available online in a starter pack, including two C Life and two C Sleep bulbs, which retails for $49.97 at starting early 2016.

Independently, C Life retails for under $15 at, while C Sleep retails for under $25 at

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