New LED Hardscape lights from VOLT® Lighting

VOLT® Lighting has launched a new line of LED Hardscape Lights intended for professional-quality outdoor installations.

Image credit: VOLT Lighting

The new line consists of low-profile “linear LED fixtures” that feature a single row of LED chips housed in a long narrow housing.

The fixtures are used to illuminate under counters, ledges and other overhangs, under counters in outdoor kitchens or under benches on decks and gazebos.

“The biggest complaint with linear LED fixtures is that they tend to produce uneven illumination afflicted with hot spots (overly bright regions). Imagine a row of six lit candles spaced 6 inches apart. Move your hand (in a single motion) over all the candles. As your hand passes over each flame, you feel the extreme heat. This is exactly what happens with most linear LED lights. Each LED produces an extremely bright (hot) region so the illumination is very uneven – unacceptably so,” said Michael Breedlove, VOLT® Director of Innovation & Manufacturing, in a news release.

Image credit: VOLT Lighting
Image credit: VOLT Lighting

“The solution is simple, select reduced-output LEDs with a wide even distribution and position them as close together as possible. The result is a linear light that can be positioned fairly close to a surface and still produce a uniform region of illumination – no hot spots.”

Manufactured by Cree®, the lights comply with strict specifications of colour consistency.

“Since LED Hardscape Lights are meant to be installed in very tight places, they must be designed for ease of installation. Many hardscape lights from other manufacturers are difficult to install. Some use cumbersome brackets, others must be glued or cemented in place. We designed our lights so they can be easily mounting on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Or, they can be attached to a bracket that slips under a capstone. Regardless of the mounting orientation, the fixture can be quickly removed for cleaning or servicing,” said Mr Breedlove.

“I could go on for hours talking about the design decisions that went into these lights, but I’ll mention just one more feature – the actual construction of the fixtures. Since LED chips and driver components are sensitive to moisture, we completely sealed them in a transparent epoxy. These fixtures are absolutely impervious to the worst that Mother Nature can deliver. That’s why we feel confident giving them a lifetime warranty.”

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