Check out this origami-like mood lamp that can be folded as a rainbow and a full moon

Orilamp is a portable, shapeable and foldable lamp that can provide up to seven hours of powerful LED light.

Image credit: PR Web / Orilamp
Image credit: PR Web / Orilamp

This Bluetooth-enabled lamp is compact, lightweight and can be taken anywhere: living rooms, offices, and outdoor spaces.

“We want to bring to market a modern, attractive, multi-purpose lamp that is not only powerful, but easily shaped or folded up and lasts all night,” Orilamp Co-Founder, David He, said.

“By providing users with light for at least seven hours of continuous use, Orilamp’s LED’s bring powerful light to even the darkest of nights.”

The light can be turned on/off using the Orilamp app – available for both iOS and Android phones – or by simply opening or closing the wood covers that come equipped with triangle shaped magnets on each corner.

Image credit: PR Web / Orilamp
Image credit: PR Web / Orilamp

The outer material of the covers is made with heat-resistant Nomex paper and LED lights that are equivalent to 70-Watt bulbs.

“With the ability to be folded as a rainbow, full-moon or hanging paper lantern, Orilamp can be positioned to fit various lifestyles and environments. When Orilamp is folded up and closed, the triangular magnets on the edges of the lamp latch and the light automatically shuts off and turns back on when reopened. When fully shut, Orilamp resembles a tiny wooden box that is not only discrete but portable and lightweight, fitting in most purses and backpack pockets,” the creators state.

For more detailed information on how you can get your own Orilamp, please visit the official Indiegogo project page.

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