Philips announces SR certified program for products compatible with its Xitanium SR drivers

Philips Lighting has announced its SR certified program to list all companies, components, sensors and control systems that work with its Philips Xitanium SR drivers.


According to Philips, these innovative LED drivers for connected lighting applications have additional integrated functions that eliminate the need for auxiliary components, making designing and installing wireless-controlled light fixtures less complex and more cost-efficient.

Philips said that the SR driver platform was launched in 2014 for indoor commercial office lighting and will be introduced for outdoor applications later this year.

“The Philips Xitanium sensor ready concept highlights Philips’ open approach to solution development by providing more flexibility when choosing connected lighting components. OEM partners can quickly integrate a driver into their fixtures, while being reassured of compatibility with other system elements,” the company said in media release.

“Thanks to the Xitanium SR driver, which works seamlessly with a wide range of sensors, lighting can play a bigger role in network connectivity. It is an ‘open standard’ building block with added intelligence that makes it easier and more practical to add sensing and wireless connectivity to light fixtures.”

Gijs von Morgen, responsible for the SR certified program, said realising wireless connected lighting was complex in the past because data communication between driver and sensors, and the wireless network required extra components and often used different communication protocols.

“The Xitanium SR driver changes this. By standardising on DALI 2.0 based protocols and integrating extra functionality, we reduce complexity and cost. The Philips Xitanium SR drivers enable every light fitting to be a wireless point,” Mr von Morgen said.

According to him, the ‘sensor ready’ concept not only represents a breakthrough in cost per node by eliminating the installation of extra control boxes and power supplies, but it also simplifies incorporating lighting into the Internet of Things.

Philips said that participation to the SR certified program is open to sensor manufacturers and network application providers who meet the Sensor Ready criteria.

For detailed information about the companies who have already released or have committed to release SR certified components, visit:

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