Meet Philips Hue LED, which you can control with your iPhone or iPad

LED lights have become increasingly more popular in comparison with regular light bulbs, mainly due to the fact that their price has dropped significantly; they last as long as regular incandescent lights and use far less electricity than the regular light bulb.

Philips Hue Image credit: flickr User: Philips Danmark
Philips Hue
Image credit: flickr User: Philips Danmark

You can now buy a LED bulb for under 10 dollars, but if you want to take your home’s ambience to the next level and experience something totally out of this world, you’ll have to pay a bit more.

If you want to save energy, enjoy a customized ambience and set the lights according to your mood, you need something a bit different than the run-in-the-mill regular light bulb.

Meet Philips Hue LED. According to the product overview featured on the Apple Store, with Philips Hue LED you can now set up your own personal wireless lighting environment and enjoy the amazing opportunities the product has to offer.

The Philips Hue can be controlled with your iPhone or iPad no matter where you are. You can install and connect up to fifty Hue light bulbs to a single system in your home or extend that system with additional lights. The process of extension is extremely easy with the help of a bridge.

The Philips Hue LED light bulbs use up to 80% less energy than the traditional light bulbs, while delivering 600 lumens and producing all possible shades of white, warm or cold, and a wide range of colors.

The StarterPack which is available on the Apple Store for $ 199.95 will allow you to:

–          Create and control a personal lighting system in your home via your iPhone or iPad;

–          Set up a wireless connection with the help of a bridge;

–          Use light bulbs which are compatible with most types of sockets;

–          Enjoy all shades of white and a wide range of color;

–          Choose light settings based on your favorite photos;

–          Tune, dim and control Hue bulbs from anywhere;

–          Choose from available light recipes to relax or concentrate and

–          Set timers for waking up or doing chores all through the day.

You can buy the Single Pack which includes one Hue light bulb or you can go for the Starter Pack which includes three light bulbs, one Hue bridge, a Power supply for the Hue bridge, as well as a LAN cable to connect the bridge to your router.

According to the manufacturer, the Hue Bridge is required for operation.

You can control your own personalized system with the help of the Philips Hue App which is available for iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (3rd gen), iPod Touch (4th gen), all iPads.

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