VOLT Lighting unveils Infiniti™ G3 Integrated LED Spotlights

VOLT Lighting has introduced a new generation of advanced outdoor lights – Infiniti™ G3 Integrated LED Spotlights – which replaces the G2 spotlights series and features improvements in performance while maintaining affordable prices for the consumer.

Image credit: VOLT Lighting's Official YouTube channel
Image credit: VOLT Lighting’s Official YouTube channel

This new, improved series of landscape lights features adjustable & removable glare guard to make it easier to conceal the light source in the landscape, improved knuckle for more precise aiming and locking in position, new body design for better heat dissipation, as well as better moisture seals to protect the components from water damage.

“The previous Infiniti™ G2 fixtures were excellent in every way – they received high praises from our customers. So, why replace them with the new G3 line? The answer is found in a number of improvements that make the fixtures even better performers,” said Steve Parrott, VOLT’s Communication Director.

“Because of improvements in our manufacturing process, we enhanced the product and kept the price about the same. We are unlike other manufacturers in that we always pass on savings to our customers. This focus on affordability has been a cornerstone of VOLT’s success. Their ability to provide professional quality at extremely low prices is a boon for professionals because they can charge less for their projects (and get more work). And, it is a boon for do-it-yourselfers, because they can afford pro quality.”

According to the press release on the PR WEB, VOLT continues to develop new products and is set to unveil a whole new line of path lights in the near future.

VOLT® Lighting Infiniti™ G3 Integrated LED Spotlights are only available through the company’s website: http://www.voltlighting.com.

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