Larson Electronics unveils 6 Watt light emitter affixed on gooseneck magnetic base with inline switch

Larson Electronics has introduced a six watt high output LED light emitter affixed to an adjustable gooseneck magnetic base equipped with an inline power switch.

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Designed to provide operators with the most flexible lighting solution available, the LED6W-GNM-SW gooseneck mounted LED work light offers high light output from a compact form factor.

According to the press release on the Business Wire, the light assembly consists of six 1 watt LEDs paired with high clarity optics to produce a light output comparable to a 50 watt halogen light without the high heat, fragile construction, and high energy costs.

“The LED lamp assembly is protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that is scratch resistant and provides protection against impacts and the elements,” it says in the press release.

“The mounting assembly for this LED light emitter consists of a 200 pound grip magnetic base, a flexible gooseneck arm, and two ball joints that provide 360° of rotation and 180° of tilt, terminated with a six foot cord with a straight blade plug. The unique brackets and mounts on this work light allow it to reach into the most difficult areas or be placed at any angle.”

According to the company, the 20” long adjustable gooseneck allows operators to position the light exactly as needed, whereas a 200 pound grip magnetic base allows operators to securely attach this light to any metallic surface.

“This LED work light is designed to operate with voltages ranging from 110 volts AC to 240 volts AC, providing versatile power connection options and the ability to run the unit from common wall outlets without the need of a transformer,” reads the press release.

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