Philips Lighting introduces Philips SceneSwitch

Philips Lighting has introduced a new LED bulb with options for three different light settings.

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The Philips SceneSwitch has three colour settings – daylight, soft white light and warm glow –  making it suitable for any sort of task: working, reading, watching TV or relaxing.

The bulb completely eliminates the need for any additional equipment or dimmers and can be installed in an existing fixture.

Further, the bulb is able to memorise your last setting automatically if the switch is tuned off for more than six seconds.

According to Philips, this product is intended to basically make your life much easier.

The company’s latest research has confirmed that 93% of the consumers talk about lighting with the people in their home, with nearly one-third (31%) saying it is among their top three most important home décor areas. According to the results, only 28% feel confident they are making the right lighting choice, while 56% have had household disagreements about lighting.

“Our research shows that consumers have strong opinions about the type of light they prefer in their homes and to support particular activities. Yet, three in five people report that they do not know exactly what light bulb best fulfils their needs,” said Nathan Marafioti, LED business lead, North America, Philips Lighting.

“Philips SceneSwitch ultimately takes the guesswork out of choosing the right light with its three settings in the single bulb.”

The Philips SceneSwitch is available for purchase at The Home Depot.

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