New Uphoria™ 3 LED PAR lamps from Ushio America

Designed to replicate the shape and light output of halogen PAR lamps, the new Uphoria™ 3 LED PAR lamps from Ushio America offer significant energy-saving benefits.

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The new lamps come in PAR20, PAR30, PAR30LN and PAR38 models.

The leading manufacturer of specialty and general Illumination lighting solutions said that the new Uphoria™ 3 LED PAR lamps “utilise tightly-binned, high colour rendering LEDs and an advanced optical design with multi-faceted reflectors for superior beam control and reduced glare.”

“Ushio America is proud to stand behind these ENERGY STAR® certified LED lamps with a 5-year warranty. All Uphoria 3 LED PAR lamps operate on 120V with Soft White (2700K) and Warm White (3000K) colour temperatures, and are available in Narrow Flood and Flood beam angles,” the company said in a press release.

These LED PAR lamps have a very high colour rendering (90+), are light-weight and dimmable.

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