Inspired LED and Igor, Inc. sign PoE Controlled Lighting partnership agreement

Inspired LED, LLC and Igor, Inc. have announced a new partnership centred on Power over Ethernet (PoE) controlled lighting systems.

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Steven L’Heureux, CEO, President, and Chairman of Igor, Inc. said commercial contractors, builders, and consumers will soon have the opportunity to incorporate smart lighting technology into their homes and businesses by utilising energy efficient fixtures from Inspired LED and the PoE based control software developed by Igor.

“The Inspired LED and Igor partnership creates an IoT (Internet of Things) intelligent building solution that can deliver both immediate, as well as yet imagined business benefits,” Mr L’Heureux explained.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with access to the data and analytics required to deliver lower energy consumption, while dramatically improving the aesthetic appeal of a shopping or dining experience.”

Igor’s PoE software platform for universal LED system control uses standard Ethernet ports, cables, and wireless enabled devices, allowing users to manage a range of lights and sensors on a single intelligent network.

“Inspired LED is a very technologically progressive company, [with] an incredible vision for the lighting world.” Mr L’Heureux continued.

“Deciding to partner with them was easy – they design incredibly beautiful products with unique aesthetics that customers want.”

Jim Levante, CEO of Inspired LED, said the company’s custom-made fixtures and DIY lighting kits provide a simple plug-and-play foundation which is easily optimised for PoE control.

He said the company’s vast experience in developing patented solderless connectors and cut-to-length LED strips puts the partnership on the forefront of innovation for in-field system design.

“[The incorporation of] a PoE solution extends our reach into the larger commercial markets and beyond,” Mr Levante added.

“My vision for the future is that Inspired LED will offer packaged solutions to optimize our customer’s investment in lighting. With the open API platform from Igor, we can mix and match products as needed to offer the right solutions for our customers’ needs.”

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