Vode Lighting introduces ultra-thin, bi-directional lighting fixture

Linear lighting design and manufacturing company Vode Lighting has launched the ZipThree | Wall Mount | 707, an ultra-thin, bi-directional ceiling wash and wall graze lighting fixture for corporate, hospitality and civic applications.

Image credit: www.prnewswire.com

Scott Yu, principal and chief creative officer of Vode Lighting, said the ZipThree was the newest in Vode’s Zip family of high-quality architectural lighting fixtures that sit at the intersection of intentional design and high-performance.

“With each product, we try to push the limits of the possible, asking ourselves, ‘What rules have we not broken yet?’ Here, we started with the question: What happens when you ask the design team to imagine a light that is almost invisible?” Mr Yu said.

“The result is ZipThree, an impossibly thin blade of light that seemingly floats on a wall.”

Integrating Vode’s constant current LED technology, the ZipThree | Wall Mount | 707 delivers up to 2691 lm/ft (8826 lm/m) and 137 lm/W at 84 CRI while maintaining a minimal design aesthetic.

Tom Warton, CEO and co-founder of Vode Lighting, said that as a bi-directional fixture, the ceiling wash and wall graze channels can be independently controlled and dimmed, allowing designers to light a space in a variety of ways from a single fixture.

He said the ZipThree, which is compatible with industry standard dimming protocols and available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K colour temperatures, can also be installed as a ceiling-wash-only or wall-graze-only fixture.

“ZipThree is a line in space. It embodies our ethos of adaptive architectural lighting solutions,” Mr Warton added.

“We are continually looking for new ways to bring designers more options. The ZipThree has been heavily-engineered to use minimal material and create minimal waste, enabling endless opportunities to creatively light a space.”

Vode Lighting’s ZipThree can be specified uplight only, downlight only, or both up and down.

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