Kenall Manufacturing releases new sealed healthcare luminaire

Kenall Manufacturing has introduced the new MedMaster MPCNGX, a multi-function, sealed, LED luminaire perfectly suited for use in healthcare.

MedMaster MPCNGX
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Frank Gonzales, the Director of Product Management at Kenall, said the MPCNGX expands the company’s extensive family of award-winning MedMaster LED Healthcare lighting, including step, exit and ambient lighting, as well as MRI-suite and surgical suite lighting.

“The MedMaster™ MPCNGX is an aesthetically pleasing luminaire that is also a work horse. It provides the right light levels for everything from reading a book to conducting a patient exam,” Mr Gonzales said.

He said that like each member of  the MedMaster LED family, the  MPCNGX is sealed to promote cleanability and reduce the risk of contamination.

“The MPCNGX will be a great resource for healthcare facilities that need sealed, multi-function lighting that also provides exceptional colour rendering.”

According to the press release on the PR Web, the MPCNGX is available in two sizes including a 2’ x 4’ model and a 2’ x 2’ model. The 2’ x 4’ model features four modes: reading, ambient, standard and high output exam, while the 2’ x 2’ has three modes: ambient, standard and high output exam.

“Both versions of the MedMaster™ MPCNGX are IP64-rated and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF2)-listed to ensure a tight seal and cleanability, which reduces the transmission of bacteria and pathogens in to the fixture,” reads the press release.

“They also feature 95 CRI, anti-microbial finish and flange or grid mounting options.”

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