Larson Electronics introduces a 28 Watt Magnetic Mount LED work light

Larson Electronics has introduced a 28 watt low profile LED light fixture equipped with magnets for temporary mounting.

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The WAL-48-1L-LED-M-25 magnetic mount LED light is a general use linear LED work light that provides 3,500 lumens of light in a 150° beam spread, offering operators an energy efficient direct replacement for fluorescent lighting solutions.

According to the press release on the Pr Web, this low profile, highly efficient LED light fixture provides twice the lamp life, increased durability, and less energy consumption than fluorescent work lights.

“This light features an impact and shock resistant polycarbonate T8 LED tube, sealed polycarbonate end caps, and corrosion resistant aluminium hardware,” reads the press release.

“This unit is multi voltage, operating on 120-277 volts AC and is supplied with 25 feet of line-in cable terminated in an industrial grade cord cap. Larson also offers a low voltage 12-24 volts DC model for low voltage applications, such as off the grid and remote locations powered by alternative energy.”

The WAL-48-1L-LED-M-25 features no ballast, which reduces the overall weight and creates a slimmer profile for the unit.

The integrated LED assembly has a 50,000+ hour service life and is super resistant to damage from vibration and extremes in temperature.

In addition, the integrated heat sink allows for efficient heat dissipation, preventing the LEDs from overheating and keeping the overall temperature of the work light relatively low.

Larson Electronics’ CEO Rob Bresnahan said this low profile light features two adjustable brackets, allowing the operator to adjust the fixture once mounted.

“This new magnetic mount LED light is ideal for temporary job sites and direct over-head lighting applications, providing twice the lamp life, better durability, and higher energy cost savings when compared to standard fluorescent work lights,” Mr Bresnahan added.

“Bearing an IP66 waterproof rating, this work light is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and suitable for work space lighting, general area lighting, and machine and equipment illumination.”

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