MyLEDLightingGuide introduces DLC Qualified LED Parking Lot Lights

MyLEDLightingGuide has expanded its product offering with the introduction of its new family of DLC Qualified LED Parking Lot Lights.

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Backed with a 10 year warranty, these LED fixtures are seen as a perfect replacement for 250W to 1000W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Parking Lights.

“We now offer 7 new LED Parking Lot Fixtures that are DLC Qualified” said Dwayne Kula, president of

“Our models range from 80 watts to 300 watts, producing from 11,000 lumens to 45,900 lumens that is also UL Listed and backed with a 10 year warranty.”

Stylish and simple to install, these LED Parking Lot Lights reduce the cost of maintenance and operation as they are built and designed to last a very long time.

“Guiding consumers towards more energy efficient high quality products is the main goal at MyLEDLightingGuide, along with pre and post sales support,” it says in the press release on the PR Web.

“It is achieved by providing the consumer a superior product when it comes to LED lighting solutions. With the new DLC Qualified LED Parking Lot Fixtures, we are able to save more energy and create quicker pay backs for the customer.”

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