Insteon releases powerful sensor for motion activated lighting

Insteon® has unveiled a new and improved wireless motion sensor which activates lights based on movement.

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The new Insteon motion sensor is half the size of its predecessor and features wall, corner, or tabletop placement options as well as external setup and motion override buttons.

It can be paired directly to switches, outlets, and plugs without an app or hub – reducing setup time to seconds. For a more customised setup and configuration experience, the user can pair the sensor with the Insteon Hub using the free Insteon for Hub mobile app.

Joe Dada, CEO of Insteon, said that in addition to configuring when and how the motion sensor will activate lighting, the Insteon Hub allows users to turn the motion sensor into an alert system that will send messages to their phone when there’s motion in a particular area of the home.

“Great satisfaction and peace of mind comes with motion controlled lighting,” Mr Dada said.

“Not only does it reduce energy waste by automatically turning lights off when you leave a room, it relieves you of the hassle of reminding family members to turn lights off. And with this latest redesign, we’ve made our sensor smaller, better looking and easier than ever to place around the home.”

Insteon said it is now accepting preorders exclusively through, with units expected to ship the first part of February.


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