Larson Electronics introduces new high intensity LED Spotlight

Larson Electronics has announced the addition of a new high intensity LED spotlight to their line of handheld spotlights.

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According to Larson, the HUL-LED25WRE-CPR-TRP-9 handheld LED spotlight constructed with a single CREE 25 Watt light emitting diode that produces 2,000 lumens of intense light.

The fixture is combined with a high output parabolic reflector to produce a narrow spot beam reaching a distance over 3,000 feet long.

“The Cree LED in this unit generates a robust 80 lumens per watt with 70 percent lumen retention at 50,000 hours, giving them better efficiency and operational life than traditional light sources,” the company said in a press release.

“LED lights run at significantly cooler temperatures and draw fewer amps than traditional hunting spotlights, making it a more economical choice when considering the power source.”

Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics, said this 25 watt handheld LED spotlight was built for durability and comfort with an ultra-durable ABS polymer body, an ergonomically designed five inch nylon handle, and a light head that can be adjusted vertically.

He said the five inch diameter lamp and reflector assembly is protected by a polycarbonate lens that is sealed against water and dust to provide an IP67 rated weatherproof protection.

According to Mr Bresnahan, the HUL-LED25WRE-CPR-TRP-9 operates on 12-32 volts DC and includes a detachable 16 foot cord terminated in a nine pin round trailer hitch plug.

“The beam on this ultra-compact LED spotlight is very effective to the far end of its reach at over 3,000 feet,” Mr Bresnahan continued.

“Featuring LED technology, this spotlight produces less heat than a comparable halogen spotlight and the operational life is exceptional.”

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