Seoul Semiconductor commences mass production of its filament LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor has announced the commencement of mass production of its LED Chip-On-Board Package for use in LED filament bulbs.

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Seoul Semiconductor’s filament LEDs, whose development began in the early 2000s, can realise high-quality light close to natural light through differentiated Chip-On-Board (COB) packaging technology and can produce stunning emotional lighting with omnidirectional emission technology, combining a small footprint with a wide beam angle.

“The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 80 or better and different LEDs having a flux between 105 and 210 lumens are available,” the company said in a press release.

“All of them feature a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2,700 K. Therefore, they are used to create a classical atmosphere through high-quality light in many spaces, like cafes and hotels or even bed- and living rooms, making them an alternative to incandescent light bulbs that have been phased out in 2014.”

Mr Ki-bum Nam, CTO of Seoul Semiconductor said the company now holds hundreds of patents for filament LEDs, covering chip manufacturing, COB-packaging, module and bulb manufacturing processes.

“Based on its strong patents, Seoul Semiconductor will continue to increase its market share in the filament LED bulb market, which is a blue ocean market estimated at $1.3 billion,” he added.

“We will widely promote the superiority of Seoul Semiconductor’s LED technology with its filament LEDs.”

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