Terralux expands DRV LED Downlight Retrofit for CFL and HID Replacement

Terralux announced that it has expanded its DRV LED retrofit product line to feature three models: DRVL for low output applications, the DRV, and the DRVH for high output applications.

Image credit: terralux.com

The DRVL, which is designed to replace either a single 13 watt CFL bulb or a single 18 watt CFL bulb inside existing commercial downlights, features a rapid-installation process without requiring connection to an external ballast or driver, and provides up to 800 lumens.

These fixtures have a five year warranty and are most commonly found in hotels, medical buildings, educational facilities, multifamily buildings, and offices in high run commercial common areas like hallways.

The DRVH models are high-output LED downlight retrofit kits which are designed to replace up to a 100 watt HID inside existing commercial downlights.

The DRVH, which features both 120/277VAC electrical connection as well as 0-10V dimming system, and up to 3000 lumens, installs quickly into existing downlights and comes with a 10 year, 24/7 operation warranty.

These fixtures are typically found in commercial common areas like airports, convention centres, shopping malls, lecture halls and sports arenas.

Mark Liston, vice president of sales at Terralux, said all models are ENERGY STAR® and UL retrofit certified for field installation in most commercial downlight fixtures, which qualifies them for utility rebates.

“The expansion of the DRV LED retrofit kits allows more buildings to break the bulb cycle with dependable and dramatic energy savings,” Mr Liston added.

“The DRV expansion allows our customers to turn old fixtures brand-new at compelling payback intervals relative to the upfront cost of new fixtures.”

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