Cree announces enhancements to the CXA2 family LEDs

Cree, Inc. has announced enhancements to its industry-leading XLamp® CXA2 family of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs, including new premium colour options, higher light output levels and the longest lifetimes published for this type of LED.

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According to the company’s press release, the premium colour quality options include high fidelity (98 CRI) and specialty colour points for the 9 to 19 mm LES sizes with up to 50% higher efficacy than LEDs of similar sizes and light quality.

Eric Lin, General Manager, Westport International, said these enhancements to the CXA2 family LEDs allowed to company to upgrade the performance of its existing designs.

“The leading efficacy and excellent reliability of Cree’s CXA2 LEDs allow us to create a complete portfolio of high quality, energy efficient LED track lights,” Mr Lin said.

“With the new premium colours, the CXA2 family will allow us to bring these same advantages to more customers and applications while still leveraging the same, easy-to-use platform.”

Cree said the CXA2 Standard Density LEDs now deliver up to 10% higher light output levels across all CRIs and light emitting surface (LES) sizes, providing the highest COB LED efficacy for all applications.

Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs senior Vice President and General Manager, said the CXA2 LEDs are the only COB LEDs in the industry to have more than 11,000 hours of LM-80 data available.

He said that based on this data, the CXA2 LEDs provide L90 lifetimes well beyond 60,000 hours, even at extreme 105°C test conditions.

“With these enhancements to the CXA2 family, Cree continues to set the benchmark for high-power LEDs through constant focus on improvement,” Mr Emerson added.

“With the industry’s best lifetime and the new premium colour offerings, we’re giving lighting manufacturers the ability to deliver better light and industry-leading performance to more applications than ever before.”

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