Osram introduces infrared LEDs that enable communication between distributed luminaires

Australian company Organic Response has developed technology that allows individual luminaires in large lighting installations to communicate with their immediate neighbours using modulated infrared light signals that are emitted by high power infrared LEDs – the Oslon SFH 4725S line – from Osram Opto Semiconductors.

Image credit: www.osram.com

Designed to operate wide area lighting installations with maximum energy efficiency, the technology features a system of Distributed Intelligence that enables it to react to the presence of persons in the immediate vicinity of sensors, as well as to those further away.

“At the heart of the system are sensor nodes integrated in each luminaire. They comprise a motion sensor, an ambient light sensor and an infrared transmitter/receiver pair used for communication,” Osram said in a press release.

“The moment a sensor node detects occupancy, the luminaire reacts by putting out a predetermined light level. At the same time, it communicates that occupancy to its neighbours by emitting an infrared signal. Subsequently, the neighbouring sensor nodes respond by setting their luminaire to a predetermined light level appropriate to an occupant in that vicinity. They then simultaneously relay another infrared signal to their own neighbours, informing them there is an occupant two light fittings away.”

Espacio Muñoz, Marketing Manager, Infrared at Osram Opto Semiconductors said the infrared (IR) LED Oslon SFH 4725S provides enough optical power to ensure communication for all possible setups.

“We initially designed this emitter for infrared illumination and 3D camera applications. But with its high power, narrow emission angle and fast switching time, it provides a great solution for optical communication, too,” Mr Muñoz added.

Dean Campbell-Smith, Technical Director at Organic Response noted that the company has evaluated a number of suppliers for the infrared LED component before selecting Osram.

“Considering the trust associated with the brand and the strength of their IR LED product, we chose Osram,” he said.

“This turned out to be an excellent decision for us as it allowed us to address the varying requirements of our clients through Osram’s ongoing product support and their ability to deliver.”

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