Philips to install bird-friendly connected street lighting at the Dutch island of Ameland

Philips Lighting will equip Ameland, one of the Netherlands’ northern most islands, with energy efficient LED street lighting and Philips ClearSky, a light spectrum specially designed to be friendly to migrating birds.

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Maurice Donners, Senior Scientist Lighting Research at Philips Lighting, said the Philips ClearSky technology emits a subtle blue-green light that improves the ability of humans to judge perception at night whilst being friendly to birds and nocturnal animals.

“Regular white light can disorientate birds and affect their internal compass. Philips ClearSky technology does not interfere with birds’ biological systems and so helps them to arrive safely at their roosts,” Mr Donners explained.

Philips said the energy efficient LED street lights that will be installed in the residential areas are wirelessly connected to a Philips CityTouch lighting management system which enables individual light points to be monitored and controlled remotely, saving maintenance costs and up to 70% of energy consumption.

At the beachfront, the Philips ClearSky lighting incorporates Philips LumiMotion sensors that detect human motion. When no activity is detected, these sensors automatically dim the lighting to a level equalling moonlight, protecting darkness and limiting the impact of artificial light for waders, grassland and migratory birds.

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