Philips unveils portable Abelia LED lantern that can mimic candlelight effect

Philips Lighting has unveiled the new Philips Abelia LED lantern, a portable light which provides an ambient, dimmable, warm white light and can also flicker to replicate candlelight.

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The new Philips Abelia LED lantern uses an integrated Philips LED module to provide a high quality light that’s dimmable by pressing and holding a button.

Made from high-quality synthetic material, the lantern is conveniently charged by USB and comes in a range of different colours, including Black, White, Vivid Red, Vivid Green and Pastel Green.

Damien Vever, Product Manager at Philips Lighting Home Luminaires, said the lantern was built to withstand even the harshest conditions of the great outdoors.

“We believe that your outdoor space is an extension to your home – a place to cherish, keep safe and enjoy throughout the year,” Mr Vever added.

“Our new outdoor lantern is designed with both function and ambiance in mind. Its portability means you can take it anywhere.”

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