Osram launches new wireless lighting control system for small- to mid-sized spaces

Osram has announced the release of SIMPLUX™, a simple standalone wireless lighting control system designed for small- to mid-sized spaces.

Image credit: www.businesswire.com

Designed to ensure maximum design flexibility, SIMPLUX enables specifiers to choose virtually any manufacturer’s luminaire that has a 0-10V dimmable ballast or LED driver, and deliver fixture-by-fixture or full group control as needed.

The system also offers an easy upgrade path to POLARIS 3D software and the ENCELIUM® networked light management system for more sophisticated, enterprise-level control or integration to building automation systems via BACNet®.

Tom Shottes, Head of Osram Digital Systems, Americas Region said the SIMPLUX wireless lighting control system is ideally suited for schools, commercial offices, warehouses, and places where a wired solution is a challenge.

“Many small- to mid-sized commercial space customers need a code-compliant solution that is simple to install and manage, and also can provide the adaptability required to meet their evolving needs,” Mr Shottes said.

“SIMPLUX meets these criteria, providing customers with a unique solution that is both flexible and future-proof.”

According to Osram, both installation and setup are quick and easy using barcodes and the SIMPLUX Mobile Setup App.

“Installers scan the barcodes of pre-installed hardware, group and connect them to appropriate SIMPLUX controllers, and leverage pre-set default settings such as automated demand response, light levels and time-outs,” the company said in a press release.

“Initialised lighting control schemes can be modified easily using the mobile app to accommodate different lighting environments, requirements and market applications. Clean, sleek component design, including intuitive labelling of wall stations, supports a user-friendly experience.”

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