Transcend Lighting unveils Boost LED Light

Transcend Lighting has announced the release its Boost LED light bar, a 4-foot long LED grow light ideal for use as a primary light source in multi-tier indoor vertical grow facilities, and as a supplemental light for greenhouses.

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The Boost light has an output of 260 umols/sec and a 45-degree beam angle, enough to displace high pressure sodium lights.

Transcend Lighting CEO Brian Bennett said the fixture incorporates the company’s latest advancement in horticulture lighting including its patent-pending intensity stabilisation technology that ensures consistent flux density for years of use.

“The energy efficiency advantage of LED compared to older lighting technologies is obvious,” Mr Bennett said.

“The most exciting aspect of the Boost light is that we are demonstrating an evolution to the next level, where we are enabling better, healthier plants and our customers are maximising yield per square foot.”

The easy-to-install Boost light can be daisy-chained to create long, seamless lines of light, while the output intensity can be dynamically adjusted with a 0-10V input signal from a controls system.

Transcend said the IP66 rated, UL listed fixture works from 110V-277V, has a lifetime exceeding 65,000 hours and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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